Joseph Sunny – With hands on experience of around 15 years, currently he is serving as an Occupational Therapist at Government Mental Health Centre, Thrissur. He was the Senior Consultant at Prayatna Centre for Child Development. Cochin, and Pebbles Rehab Centre, Chennai. He was also the Consultant Occupational Therapist at CDC Trivandrum Government Medical College.

He completed his Bachelor’s Degree from DR M G R Government Medical University, Tamilnadu & Master’s in Occupational Therapy (Pediatrics) from SRM Medical College & University, Chennai.  He has done Fellowship in Advanced Occupational Therapy: Neurodevelopmental Disorders conducted by academic council of Occupational Therapy.  He is a Certified Sensory Integration Therapist awarded by University of Southern California, USA. He has done a Certified Course in Brain Gym & Handwriting without Tears curriculum, USA.  He has organized and presented in several National and International conferences. Besides he has addressed Workshops/Seminars for Professionals.

He is an Author of a Bilingual (English & Malayalam) handbook titled “Occupational Therapy – A gifted Profession”. Also he is an Executive Committee member of All India Occupational Therapists Association (AIOTA) & a member of Editorial Board of Indian Journal of Occupational Therapy (IJOT) along with being the President of Kerala Occupational Therapists Association (KOTA). 

He is a Ph.D. Scholar in Occupational Therapy along with being the 1st Rank holder in Kerala Public Service Commission (Occupational Therapy). His area of interest is in Child Development, Developmental Disabilities & Parental Empowerment in shaping children’s life.

Why Occupational Therapy?

Sensory processing

Occupational therapy can help those young ones recapture the skills and identify the sensory issue in a proper manner.

General Activities of Daily Life

Occupational therapy helps develop the self-help skills like dressing, brushing, toileting, writing, drawing, etc in the children.

Kids with Cerebral

The occupational therapy is likewise gainful for the ones experiencing cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and other disorders.

Fine and Gross
Motor Skills

Occupational therapy can be utilized to manage the condition and eventually eradicate it.

Autistic Spectrum

Occupational therapist can help pick up aptitudes by watching the kid’s conduct and building up a plan for them.


My mission is to make Prayatna the one stop destination in Kerala to offer curative and palliative care for children suffering from various syndromes and disorders to promote their faster return to mainstream societal fabric.

We comprehend particular needs of every child, and our multifunctional approach entwined with tailor-made projects has helped in re-establishing lost bliss in the lives of numerous parents.

  • To provide early identification and intervention for children with developmental disabilities
  • To teach constructive & adaptive learning principles, it is a responsibility of senior occupational therapist(Joseph Sunny – Kerala Ot convener)
  • To incorporate recent technology & treatment strategies into our  practice
  • To integrate children with various disabilities into the community to become fair participants (Joseph Sunny – Kerala Ot President, Aiota Executive Convener)

Our Experience

Occupational therapy 87%
Sensory integration therapy 75%
Speech therapy 63%
Special education 50%

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