My son never used to look at people or respond when called. Now he not only looks at people but sometimes even smiles at those who call him. I am totally happy with the progress in my child and thanks a lot to your team.

R.M Thrissur

When my child was brought to your center, he was not able to do many things which children of his age were doing. Now it is more than 8 months and I am really happy with the improvement he has made. He has more confidence now and physically he is more active.

P. V Ernakulam

We were fearful of shifting to Kerala for we were unsure of the therapy procedures and the standards maintained here. It is now 6 months since my child started occupational therapy, speech therapy and special education and I am more than happy with the progress he has made. I am happy and thankful for all your suggestions and advise.

R.N Ernakulam

Me as a parent, is really happy about my child’s fast and easy progress. The way his checking and working with my child is remarkable.

Panav Verma

We have been coming here for the past 3 years. My son was unable tot sit, pick things and turn on his own when we came here. Now he is able to do all these things by his own. He has made a huge progress after starting the treatment. I thank Joseph Sunny and his team for this.

Savio Shaiju

My son, Savio was a very distracted child when we came here. It was hard for me to take him to travel, his speech was too less and was a kid. With the help of this treatment a great change is visible in him. Thanks to therapists.

Siya Maria

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