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Joseph Sunny: Occupational Therapist

Joseph Sunny : About

joseph sunny occupational therapist kochi kerala indiaJoseph Sunny is an Occupational Therapist from Kochi,Kerala,India with more than a decade’s experience in the field of Child Development (pediatric occupational therapist ) and in the process of dealing children with learning disabilities and developmental disorders. Joseph Sunny, places a strong accent on the early detection and intervention with children to deal with development delays.

Joseph Sunny, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy from the Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai and a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy (Pediatrics) from SRM Medical College, Chennai, has laid extra emphasis on Sensory Integration Therapy and having been in attendance at the Certificate Programs in Sensory Integration Therapy conducted by the Sensory Integration International, University of Southern California, USA.

Joseph Sunny – Sr.Occupational Therapist at Prayatna, Kochi

Founded in the January of 2012, Prayatna, has in a short while carved out a niche for itself. Realizing that the child is the future man and woman, the establishment has over the years emphasized the need for a complete and healthy growth in children. Not just the physical growth but also the emotional, cognitive and educational growth as well. The whole aim is to produce members of society who will contribute and participate in society.

Enough stress cannot be laid on the need for a well equipped and experienced treatment center that aims at bringing about changes in how the various conditions are dealt with and remedial action initiated. It is this vision that Prayatna, has in the years of its existence, tried to address effectively.

Joseph Sunny helped Prayatna achieve their goals by helping numerous children resolve their developmental disorders and communication issues by working as a pediatric occupational therapist and senior occupational therapist at Prayatna.

Joseph Sunny – Sr.Occupational Therapist at Pebbles, Chennai

Another institution, Pebbles Learning Centre, Chennai; with the co-promotion and initial setup by Joseph Sunny, been contributing effectively over the years to the needy populace of the metropolis Chennai. Spread out with branches in Adyar, Arumbakam, and Chrompet has meant that the reach is spread across the breadth of Chennai; making the services of experienced and dedicated personnel available at short notice.

Pebbles has since 2004 been dealing with the vocational, educational, clinical, and therapeutic needs of children with disabilities and developmental disorders. It has in a short time been able to successfully make a difference to the little lives that has come to see the institution as an integral part of their daily existence; having under its belt numerous and striking success stories.

Joseph Sunny – AIOTA

As the present Secretary and former executive member of AIOTA (All India Occupational Therapists Association) and President of KBAIOTA (Kerala Branch of All India Occupational Therapists Association), Joseph Sunny, has been at the forefront of developments in the field; successfully presenting papers at the various forum on the subject and beyond. Always emphasizing the need for a well rounded approach to child development and the needs of specially gifted children, Prayatna, aims to be the last stop for parents and children. Besides, Joseph Sunny has regular consultations at Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital, Chennai and Mehta Children’s Hospitals, Chennai.

Having set out to create a world class institution that can intervene at the most opportune time and stage of child development, Prayatna under the supervision of Joseph Sunny, is just that; the final say in matters that concern children with developmental disorders. So rest assured; that the best possible attention to your toddler can be had which aims to set right the condition to enable a complete life in adulthood and beyond.