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Sensory Integration Therapy

What is Sensory Integration Therapy?

Every living organism has own senses to respond to the external stimuli. When human beings are considered; our senses include sound, smell, taste, touch and vision.

How Sensory Integration Therapy (Occupational Therapy) Can Help Children with Sensory Disorders?

What if you are not able to respond to the stimuli accordingly or in a normal way?

Children with sensory processing disorders are in a situation where they can’t respond adequately to these stimuli because of over or under responsiveness to various sensory stimuli, example frequency of sound, textures etc. Occupational therapy involves lot of exercise which aims to calibrate the senses of the children with sensory issues over a period of time.

How Sensory Integration Therapy Can Help Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders?

Children with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders are the major ones who can benefit from Sensory integration therapy.Our brain has a unique feature which helps us to learn new things every day and cope up with everyday challenges in our life. It is the “copycat” nature of our brain that helps children learns new things from parents; make it possible for us to ride new bikes or motorcycles etc.

Sensory integration therapy works on this principle of the brain, when the child participates in lot of games and activities which aims to calibrate the particular sense of the child, over a period of time the nervous system or the brain integrates itself automatically to respond to those external stimuli in a natural or organized way.