Paediatric Occupational Therapy

paediatric occupational therapist

Autism treatment hospital through occupational therapy for children helps cure the interaction and communication-related disorders. For someone who may be wondering what autism is, autism spectrum disorder inhibits the skills, interests, and activities of children and limits their innate capability to bond with others. Once the signs of autism become apparent, the paediatric occupational therapist in India, Kerala helps greatly in developing the needful skills.

We offer proven treatment of autism by factoring in the person’s social, emotional and physiological responses to daily environmental stimuli. The patient’s compatibility with environmental factors on day to day basis are analyzed critically with the assistance of professionals, parents, and teachers to bring about visible changes.

We tackle the challenge of autism for children by evaluating essential symptoms of autism. We paediatric occupational therapist develop personalized treatment plan to cater to the unique needs of autistic people in Cochin Ernakulam. Occupational therapy activities for children and adults have been strategically designed and included.

Different types of OccupationalTherapy

These therapists may work with seniors and the elderly to improve their overall quality of life and ensure that they are leading more independent lives.

Therapists work with those who have emotional and mental deficiencies or limitations, to develop the necessary skills to function in society, hold a job and enjoy positive relationships.

These therapists specialize in working with disabled children so that they can learn how to function and socialize at school and at home.


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