About Dr. Joseph Sunny

A dedicated Occupational Therapist from Kochi, Kerala with extensive experience spanning over 19 years in the field of paediatric and adult Occupational Therapy. His unwavering commitment to the differently-abled community and his resolute advocacy for ethical and superior therapy services at par with international standards have won him many accolades and recognitions.

His impressive service career in Chennai and Kochi includes delivering effective occupational therapy interventions at renowned hospitals such as Kanchi Kamakoti Child Trust Hospital and Mehta Children’s Hospital. As a professional committed to creating positive changes in both society and his chosen profession, he has taken on vital roles in multiple associations and forums, significantly impacting society and the professional groups he is involved in. His unwavering commitment to the cause of the differently-abled community and the need for ethical practices in Occupational Therapy has often led him to fearlessly represent the needs of both the communities to government authorities at both the state and the central levels.

Joseph Sunny is also the founder of Prayatna, Kochi and the co-founder of Pebbles Rehab Centre, Chennai. He established Prayatna in Kochi when the concept of a comprehensive facility for children with developmental disorders in the state was still in its infancy. His visionary ideas and implementation of treatment procedures at par with international standards in the Centre have made Prayatna emerge as a pioneering institution that uniquely provides the highest expertise and skills in therapeutic and allied health services, meeting the needs of all children coming under its wing. Today, both Prayatna and Pebbles Rehab Centre have carved a niche for themselves in the field of paediatric therapy services and continue to deliver successful services with utmost dedication.

He currently serves as the Senior Occupational Therapist at the Government Mental Health Centre, Thrissur, providing occupational therapy for patients in the process of recovery. To promote independence and self-empowerment among these patients, he initiated the establishment of the Society for Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation at the Government Mental Health Centre, Thrissur. This rehabilitation unit has been successfully operating since 2020, committed to identifying and facilitating opportunities for the financial independence of patients in rehabilitation.

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Years of Experience


Tom Davis

Occupational Therapy really helped my father. After stroke he had difficulties doing activities like brushing and dressing. After therapy he improved a lot. We thank Dr Joseph Sunny for his time and effort. The advises he gave were highly beneficial.

Ann Treasa

Dr Joseph is an excellent guide and mentor. His advices helped me and my son in his journey as a person with Autism. As an Occupational Therapist he helped us with training of Daily Life Activities and Social Participation. Thank you very much

Priya Rajesh

AIOTA is the only license body for all indian Occupational Therapist. It will be very grateful if our AIOTA is affiliated all over the world. My sincere wishes and Thanks to Dr.Joseph Sunny sir (honorary Secretary) . His guidance and support is very helpful for all therapist and up coming therapist. He is a role model for all. Thank you so much sir